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Peachtree City, GA - June 15, 2015
Paris, FRANCE (June 15, 2015) - Wencor Group today announced the signing of a 5­‐year distribution agreement with Oshino Lamps Ltd. ("Oshino") highlighting a distribution territory of global reach for lighting solutions. The new agreement also appoints Wencor as the exclusive distributor of sealed beam lighting products in the Americas.

"This agreement represents a much stronger strategic alliance with Oshino that provides world­class lighting solutions, sales and marketing services, and outstanding delivery performance to our customers. Oshino’s product quality combined with Wencor’s market capability results in an exceptional value proposition to the aviation industry," said Rick Tonney, President of Wencor Distribution.

Wencor is the largest aftermarket distributor of Oshino products and continues to invest in reliable solutions that build trust and value. Wencor and Oshino work closely together to ensure the highest quality products are available to meet the performance and availability expectations of the market, covering nose to tail lighting applications.

David Tyler, Managing Director of Oshino Lamps UK stated, "Oshino recognizes Wencor as a global force in the aviation industry and we are very pleased to have secured this opportunity with them. We believe our comprehensive range of high quality aircraft lighting products coupled with Wencor’s worldwide presence will see continued growth through this excellent relationship between the two organizations."

About Wencor Group
Wencor Group offers design, CMM and DER repairs, and distribution solutions for airline operators, repair stations and manufacturers across the lobe. Corporate affiliates include: Wencor, Aerospace Coatings International, Soundair Aviation Services, PHS/MWA Aviation Services, Flight Line Products, Xtra Aerospace, and Kitco Defense. Wencor Group is headquartered in the Atlanta metro area with additional offices in Utah, Amsterdam, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Miami, Seattle, Alabama, and Southern California. For more information, please visit www.wencorgroup.com.

About Oshino Lamps, Ltd.
For many decades Oshino Lamps has held an enviable position in the automotive and aerospace industries as a quality manufacturer and supplier of filament, gas-­filled and LED illuminated products. Within the aerospace market, the OL prefix has become synonymous with high quality, competitively priced lamps. The company remains dedicated to providing lighting products for multiple industries and applications. For more information, please visit www.oshino-lamps.co.uk

For more information, please contact Rick Tonney at 678-­490-­0140.

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