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Who does the customer set up as the supplier?

ISA.  This is the only supplier that must be set up in your system.  ISA has a letter of direct ship authority that allows our partners to ship direct to the customer once the order is placed with ISA.


Are there limitation on the types of bids that ISA will accept?

ISA's model focuses on integration opportunities that typically provide a diverse group of expendables with an annual spend of at least $500K per year.

What should I send in the attachment for ISA to quote?

A parts list that includes P/N and annual historical purchases as a minimum.  However, the more information you can provide, the better.  If it is possible to also include nomenclature, Unit of Measure, and Forecast Purchases as well as desired length of agreement and any other stipulations that are important to you.


How does invoicing work?

One invoice and payment to ISA is all that is required.


What if I were to also request pricing direct from the ISA partners, how will it vary?

It doesn't matter if you go direct or through ISA, the price is the same.


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